Worshiper – Isabel Davis

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are having a blessed day!

Today’s post is about a worshiper I have been listening to. I came across Isabel Davis on YouTube when I heard her song, The Call. I enjoy the song because it’s one of my plead songs to God, to daily reveal himself to me and pour his spirit on me continually. It is a beautiful worship song, in my opinion.

I enjoyed The Call so much, I sought out for her other songs  and came across Wide As the Sky, which I shared last month on Song of my Day (here). I’ll certainly be sharing more of her songs on Song of my Day.

Her album, the Call LP has other beautiful worship songs if you are interested.


According to her home-page, Mrs. Davis is a wife, a mother, and worshiper who “currently serves as the Worship Pastor at The City of Love, New Orleans under the Leadership of Bishop Lester Love and Pastor Fran Love.”

Further Isabel Davis is reported to state [“I know I’m called to help God’s people through worship and praise,” Isabel speaks of God’s calling on her life. “I’m passionate about introducing Jesus Christ to people through an encounter in His presence. I find fulfillment in seeing the people of God go to the next level because of a song or a word that He has given me for them.”]

PLEASE NOTE This is not a sponsorship. I do not know Isabel Davis personally. I have not seen, met or talked with her. I am only sharing a christian artist and her songs.


Please share your current or favorite worshipers or favorite Isabel Davis song.

Have a blessed day!







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