Worshiper – Israel Houghton

Hope you are having a blessed day! Bringing you one of my favorite worshipers - Mr. Israel Houghton. My top 4 go-to songs by Mr. Houghton that I always blast are Jesus at the Center; Hosanna; Your Presence is Heaven to Me; I am Not Forgotten. However, while drafting this post,  I decided to listen to … Continue reading Worshiper – Israel Houghton

Worshiper – Nathaniel Bassey

Happy Friday, Today's post is about a christian worshiper - Mr. Nathaniel Bassey. As I was drafting today's post, I was tickled by the beauty of God's timing. Many of us see/encounter our helpers of destiny everyday, however, the realization is not made until God deems the time of manifestation. I always wondered if my path … Continue reading Worshiper – Nathaniel Bassey

Worshiper – Isabel Davis

Hello Everyone, Hope you are having a blessed day! Today's post is about a worshiper I have been listening to. I came across Isabel Davis on YouTube when I heard her song, The Call. I enjoy the song because it's one of my plead songs to God, to daily reveal himself to me and pour … Continue reading Worshiper – Isabel Davis