Worshiper – Nathaniel Bassey

Happy Friday,

Today’s post is about a christian worshiper – Mr. Nathaniel Bassey.

As I was drafting today’s post, I was tickled by the beauty of God’s timing.

Many of us see/encounter our helpers of destiny everyday, however, the realization is not made until God deems the time of manifestation.

I always wondered if my path would have crossed with that of my friends and colleagues, if it wasn’t for school, church, work, etc

…..recently, the Holy Spirit informed me that our paths would cross, we just won’t recognize one another till he wanted us to.

Before I digress –

I am sure I had listened to Mr. Bassey’s songs way before 2016, but it wasn’t till God wanted my attention, that I recognized him.

God got my attention through Imela.

Some of my other favorites include: Take the Stage and Onise Iyanu

I was privileged to attend a concert of Mr. Bassey last year and can I say what a worshiper!


Mr. Bassey is a Nigerian christian gospel singer and song writer. In 2017, Mr. Bassey led a 30 day midnight worship uprising to the camp of the devil; believers all around the world raised their “voices in praise and prayer, united by one hashtag: #HalleluyahChallenge” on Instagram (Idowu and Busari, 2017). It was highly successful – miracles and testimonies are still ongoing and being shared.

PLEASE NOTE This is not a sponsorship. I do not know Nathaniel Bassey personally. I am only sharing a christian artist and his songs.

Please share your current or favorite worshipers or favorite Nathaniel Bassey song.

Be Blessed


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