SONG OF MY DAY – June 18, 2018

Happy Monday!! SONG of my day is Wide As the Sky by Isabel Davis - I love this song because the NAME of JESUS displaces EVERY and ALL other names (sickness, bareness, loneliness, sadness, sorrow, disappointment, delay, stagnancy, pain, lack, failure) ..... HALLELUYAH!!!!!!!!! This song resonates with a word that I got from the Holy Spirit through Pastor … Continue reading SONG OF MY DAY – June 18, 2018

Happy New Month, June

Hello everyone, I have been quiet on the blog because I haven't been inspired to write anything profound till this very hour. While at my office desk this AM, I played Friday's June 2018 Holy Ghost service on YouTube. While listening and working, I was blessed by what Pastor Adeboye said - He said when … Continue reading Happy New Month, June