Fashion Craze: Off the shoulders

Happy Tuesday everyone- I hope you all had a restful and pleasant Memorial Day Weekend. Show of likes (see what I did there¬† ūüėȬ† ), who fancies today's fashion craze? As a tall and broad shouldered woman, I like a good off the shoulder top or dress. I ¬†find this style elevates an outfit, be … Continue reading Fashion Craze: Off the shoulders


Happy Friday ya'll Have you ever asked God,¬†why? Why me? Why the delay? Why this pain or shame? Why the wait? What am I doing wrong? What's causing these Whys' These were some of the questions I caught myself asking God this week¬† I was expecting God to say Ife, you are doing nothing wrong. … Continue reading GOD, WHY?

20 Questions with Jide O.

20 questions ‚ÄstSee LOVE through the lens of others. Our ninth¬†guest is Mr Jide O.¬† There are individuals you meet in life that challenge your faith in God and cause¬†you re-evaluate your walk with¬†God. Mr Jide is one of these individuals. His thought provoking questions and teachings have been a blessing to me......Thanks for letting … Continue reading 20 Questions with Jide O.


Happy Sunday¬†All ¬†ūüôā 1 more week and we are in JUNE - HALF THE YEAR!!!! Wow, time is certainly moving Today's song of my day is a song that talks about the majesty of God. The lyrics says...... Verse 1 I stand upon the solid rock Of faith in Christ This steadfast hope shall not … Continue reading SONG OF MY DAY – MAY 21st

Spicy Red Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Today's recipe is a good suggestion for Meatless Monday. It is healthy and tasty (key lyrics to my ears). As a plant based eater, I gravitate towards lots of vegetables and whole grains. As such, I enjoy making tasty veggie recipes. Cauliflower buffalo wings are great substitutes for chicken tenders. Ingredients CAULIFLOWER 1 head cauliflower, … Continue reading Spicy Red Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

The Magnificent Jesus

JESUS - what a sweet name to call on The sweet names of Jesus I call on EVERYDAY My Lord - I call this sweet name because he heads my life. He is LORD over me. My way of releasing myself (submitting) to this will. Father/Daddy - I call him this name every¬†morning. I look … Continue reading The Magnificent Jesus


Happy Mother's Day to ALL THE WONDERFUL AND SELFLESS WOMEN¬†RAISING GOD FEARING¬†AND KINDHEARTED LEADERS OF TOMORROW Today, I celebrate my loving, selfless, kind, generous, giving, beautiful, intelligent, elegant, and SEXY mother (yes, she still got it). Mommy, I celebrate you publicly today not because you birth me, but because you LOVE me, you chastise me … Continue reading HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY


Happy Friday All ¬†ūüôā I hope your week¬†is going great Today's song of my day is one of thanks to my God for blessing me. And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:19 (NIV) From his abundance we have all received one … Continue reading SONG OF MY DAY – MAY 12TH

20 Questions with Sola O.

¬†20 questions ‚ÄstSee LOVE through the lens of others. Our eighth¬†guest is Miss Sola O. ¬†¬† Sola O. is one of my dearest friends. Our friendship began¬†on the OLD steps of U of H's student's¬†center and is certainly¬†aging like fine wine. We celebrate each other, pray for one another, and travel together despite living states … Continue reading 20 Questions with Sola O.


Today's word is TALK TO GOD The bible tells us If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. (Jeremiah 29:12) and Never stop praying (NLT);¬†pray continually (NIV) - 1 THESSALONIAN 5:17. Please Don't be too busy to TALK TO GOD Don't be too tired to TALK TO GOD Stop surfing Instagram, Facebook, YouTube … Continue reading TALK TO GOD