20 Questions with Seun O.

 20 questions – See LOVE through the lens of others. Our seventh guest is Mr Seun O.   Mr Seun O. is a generous young lad. He is always smiling. I got to know Seun well over the last year because he is one of my recipe guinea pigs at church ( 😉 ). On a serious … Continue reading 20 Questions with Seun O.


Welcome to the third segment of Foodie Fridays. This is a series whereby individuals who love to eat, cook, bake, grocery shop, think up new food recipes, tryout different cuisines, test out new restaurants, watch food network, read food magazines, etc answer some questions. Third guest - Sola O.  Not only is she a foodie, she … Continue reading FOODIE FRIDAY#3


Happy Thursday All  🙂 I hope your week has been blessed thus far. Still waiting on God for something this week, do not give up, the week is YET to be over! Our God is ALWAYS FAITHFUL TO HIS OWN. Habakkuk 2:3 - For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward … Continue reading SONG OF MY DAY – APRIL 20th


HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE  Why do you celebrate Easter?   I celebrate Easter because JESUS bore all my sins and grief on the cross of cavalry.  He volunteered himself, so I don't have to bear the burden of my sins, satan's torment, and death. His RESURRECTION POWER is why I am alive and redeemed. Knowing and … Continue reading HAPPY EASTER !!!!!

20 Questions with Emmanuel O.

 20 questions – See LOVE through the lens of others. Our sixth guest is Mr Emmanuel O.   Our first male guest is the dapper Emmanuel. Emmanuel and I attend the same church in Boston. This son of God champions the evangelism effort that the most High requires of us (Mark 16:15)...Thanks for letting us in through your … Continue reading 20 Questions with Emmanuel O.