Welcome to the first segment of Foodie Fridays. This is a series whereby individuals who love to eat, cook, bake, grocery shop, think up new food recipes, tryout different cuisines, test out new restaurants, watch food network, read food magazines, etc answer some questions.

As usual, our first guest is yours truly 🙂 

First food memory? My lunches in primary school – my mom always packed nice meals – yam & eggs or palm oil (at my request); jollof rice and chicken, beans and yam or fired plantain. My lunches were never dull. Thanks mom!!!

What was your favorite breakfast meal as a kid? It’s a tie between pap/moi moi (corn based porridge/steamed bean pudding) and ewa agoyin (plain cooked beans served with tomato and pepper stew)

What is your most favorite cooking sound? Sound of frying onions

What is your comfort food? Ewa agoyin with either of the following: bread, plantain, yam, garri

Is there a food you will not eat? Anything slimy

Which ingredient(s) do you use the most? Turmeric; ginger; onion powder, curry; red flakes

Foods I adore? Plantain/Japanese sweet potato (I am very particular about it being  Japanese)

Foods I loathe? Nothing really. However, i detest greasy foods

In the kitchen, what’s your most treasured possession? Currently, my food processor

Tea or coffee? TEA all the way!

Sweet or Savory? SAVORY

Favorite drinks? Kunu (a millet based drink) and a virgin sangria

Favorite fruits? Mango; Papaya; Guava

Favorite vegetable? Cauliflower

Favorite herbs? Not a favorite, but I like thyme

What is your favorite dessert? Homemade banana bread and anything chocolate

Favorite TV chefs? Rachel Ray (loved her 30 mins meals growing up)

Favorite foodie film? Don’t have one – But i like Chopped

What food are you craving right now? Nothing

Which food website/ or blog would you die without? Some of my favorite food blogs include: Sisi Jemimah (i appreciate her visual step by step preparation); Simply Quinoa; Hummusapien; Hot for food; Sisi Yemmie; Minimalist Baker

What is your favorite food shopping experience? Going to the grocery store without money restraints (get to buy and try various food items)

What’s the dress code in the kitchen when you cook? Pajamas

What food is your guilty pleasure? Roasted plantain and groundnut. (I can eat 5 large plantains if care is not taken…yes it’s that BAD)

What food would you prepare to impress someone? Chicken Parmesan

Have you ever changed how you feel towards a food? Yup -Brussels sprouts. Only because they initially tasted bitter to me (because i was buying frozen sprouts). However,  when I made the switch to fresh, i heart them.

Secret ingredients? If I tell, it wont be a secret anymore!

If you could move from your current country, which country would you move to for the food? Italy (their savory goods), Morocco (their spicy meals), or Greece (i like Greek/Mediterranean food)

Dream menu


Nigerian: Ewa goyin and yam

International: Blueberry and lemon waffles with egg whites, spinach, mushroom, and tomatoes


Nigerian:  Amala with egusi stew with loads of fish OR Ofada rice with designer stew and a boiled egg.

International: Stir fry cauliflower rice with vegetables OR Sushi OR a big bowl of Sweetgreen’s spicy sabzi salad with sweet potato fries on the side


Nigerian: Yam fries (dun-dun) OR yam/plantain porridge with fried stew

International: Tomato cream basil soup OR a vegetarian mushroom risotto

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