Hello folks!

I hope you all are doing great!

I haven’t posted in such awhile because my communication mode these past months (and present) to my creator has been prayer and fasting. Don’t get me wrong, I do sing praises to my KING but it has been a last resort for me these past months. Some of the songs that have given me strength over the months include

Trust in You – Anthony Brown & group therAPy

Eben – Joyful Noise

Fill my cup Lord – Theophilus Sunday

Come , O Holy Spirit


Wa wa wa Emimimo. (Emioloye.)
Wa wa wa Alagbaram. (Alagbarameta.)
Wao, wao, wao. (Emimimo.)

English translation

Come, O Holy Spirit, come. (Holy Spirit, come.)
Come, Almighty Spirit, come. (Almighty Spirit, come.)
Come, come, come. (O Spirit, come.)

I pray these songs bring you strength and encourage you!

Have a blessed day.


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