20 Questions with Emeka O.

God doesn’t love the way man does. Often times, man’s love is conditional, fleeting, circumstantial, the list goes on. However, agape LOVE as Pastor Emeka noted is selfless. It is absolutely and undoubtedly unconditional. Thanks Pastor Emeka for letting us in through your lens.

A. Describe yourself in 4 words? Believer. Philanthropist. Engineer. Founder.

  1. I love God because He first loved me. And He has shown me the excellence of His grace.
  1. Favorite encounter with God. The experience of salvation… and the realization that I have a relationship with a God I do not see with physical eyes.
  1. Favorite female Christian/gospel artist? Right now… T Y Bello. This can change frequently, though.
  1. Favorite male Christian/gospel artist? Right now… Kanye West. This can change frequently, though.
  1. Favorite bible scripture when you are down? Jer 29:11 – For I know the thoughts I think towards you… thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope (NKJV).
  1. Favorite song that lifts your spirit? Alvin Slaughter: “We have come to worship the Lord”. A really short but powerful song.
  1. Favorite bible scripture? Right now… Ps 63:3 “Because your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise you”. It blows my mind to think that God’s love is better than even living itself!
  1. To me, God stands for …………(acronym- your choice)  – God Over Death *recursive acronym*. Just had to come up with something 🙂
  1. Favorite female in the bible? Esther’s story is phenomenal. Her willingness to sacrifice personal convenience for a greater good.
  1. Favorite male in the bible? If I had to choose only one, then it’d be Joseph. His ability to display excellence and integrity no matter the situation.
  1. Favorite thing about Jesus? His singular, laser-focused devotion to His purpose.
  1. Favorite thing about God? He is mindful of me, even though He is infinitely greater.
  1. I pray because I connect more with God, and am less concerned with the vicissitudes of life.
  1. Favorite parable? Parable of the talents. The ending is so remarkable… “For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away”  Matt 25:29.
  1. I would rather/prefer – sing praise songs; fast; sing worship songs; pray; all of the above? Umm… prefer is a strong word for me. I do find myself singing a lot, however.
  1. On that last day, I want Jesus to say Yo, my son! I’m so proud of you, ma G!
  1. If I could do one thing for Jesus, it would be to live my life so people will wonder and praise God.
  1. What does LOVE mean to you? To me, agape LOVE means I am selfless, and serve God and others
  1. A testimony/story that makes you marvel overtime about God – The day I found out, a long long time ago, that the whale can weigh 30 times the size of an elephant, I began to give glory to God. Kai! It still amazes me to this day.
  1. I can’t live without? The consciousness of pursuing God’s Will.

Have a blessed week .


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