20 Questions with Tikky and Benita S.

Welcome our 4th couple guests and 1st french speaking couple on 20 Questions!!!!

I enjoy reading and learning new bible scriptures or songs guests state as their favorites. Thanks Tikky and Benita for introducing me to Dena Mwana and Deborah Lukalu and expanding my gospel artist database! Thanks Tikky for sharing your testimony of God’s goodness in your life. Our Heavenly father is faithful to his children! Benita’s answer to question 12 is just right on the money.

Thanks Benita and Tikky S. for letting us through your lens!

A. Describe yourself in 4 words?

Tikky – Generous, creative, music lover, kind

Benita – Caring, determined, listener, and supportive

  1. I love God because

Tikky – He left his throne of glory, humbled himself by becoming his own creation, and died for me so that I could live

Benita – he created me and die for me! He chose me and show me the unconditional love

  1. Favorite encounter with God

Tikky – A few years ago, I was laid off from my job, and instead of being discouraged, I decided to pray about it. 2 days later I got called for a job interview, got the job and was offered a compensation twice as much as the previous company.

Benita – Years ago When  I saw him in my dream and he called me forward to introduce  me to everybody (at a church) and said this is my child.

  1. Favorite female Christian/gospel artist?

Tikky – Dena Mwana

Benita – Deborah Lukalu

  1. Favorite male Christian/gospel artist?

Tikky – Jonathan McReynolds

Benita – Moise Mbiye

  1. Favorite bible scripture when you are down?

Tikky – Psalms 23

Benita – Psalm 5:1-3

  1. Favorite song that lifts your spirit?

Tikky – Made a way – Travis Greene

Benita – I have plenty but for now, I’ll say Capable God by Judikay

  1. Favorite bible scripture?

Tikky – Psalms 91

Benita –Psalms 121:5-8

  1. To me, God stands for …………(acronym- your choice) 

Tikky – Great Omnipotent Defender

Benita – Great Omnipotent Divine

  1. Favorite female in the bible?

Tikky – Ruth

Benita – Ruth

  1. Favorite male in the bible?

Tikky – Jesus

Benita – Joseph

  1. Favorite thing about Jesus?

Tikky – He loves me so much that he gave away everything; throne, glory, and life so that I could spend eternity with him

Benita – He took my place at the cross and paid for my sins

  1. Favorite thing about God?

Tikky – He is perfect in all ways, 3 times holy, set appart from sin, impurity.

Benita – Absolutely everything!

  1. I pray because

Tikky – It gets me closer to God. The more I pray, the more I feel God’s presence in my life.

Benita –  it brings me closer to God, it makes me feel strong spiritually, good, and safe. Also because the Bible says to pray without ceasing.

  1. Favorite parable?

Tikky – Parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30)

Benita – The Good Samaritan

  1. I would rather/prefer (a) sing praise songs; (b) fast (c) sing worship songs; (d) praying; (e) all of the above

Tikky – Sing worship songs

Benita – all of the above

  1. On that last day, I want Jesus to say

Tikky – Well done my good and faithful servant.

Benita – You did it (emoji of clapping)

  1. If I could do one thing for Jesus, it would be to

Tikky –  To serve him with all my heart, and live a life that’s pleasing to him

Benita – spread his words to the world, save a soul

  1. What does LOVE mean to you?

Tikky – selflessness; treating others how you would want to be treated. Using my time to be of service to God and others.

Benita – means everything good; love is trust, care, selflessness, comprehension, sacrifice, etc.

  1. A testimony/story that makes you marvel everytime about God

Tikky – Thinking about my life, failures, addictions, all the mistakes I made and how He rescued me and turned things around for me in a way that I never thought would be possible.

Benita – My whole life is a testimony

  1. I can’t live without?

Tikky – God’s presence

Benita – The Almighty God


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