Hello readers!

First post of 2020.

Thanks to all who reached out asking why the silence on this space. If I am being honest, I failed to prioritize the blog and I am sorry for that. This space means a lot to me and I should have do better. As I MARCH into the new month, I will do better with the help of the Lord Almighty.

With that said, I was reading Psalms 25 today and the word “Friendship of the Lord” in versus 14 gripped my heart.

….the verse continues with the friendship of the Lord is for those who fear him

to fear God for me in this context means to RESPECT, LOVE, and ACCEPT him

LOVE him  – complete obedience

ACCEPT him – as our Lord and Savior

RESPECT him – not toiling with sin

After pondering on this, the holy spirit brought up my habits because I asked myself, do I truly have a friendship with the Lord? Friendship with the Lord to me means continuous fellowship.

I realized some of my friendship habits with God almost mirrors my friendship habits with man.

You ask how –

When a friend calls and I am not in the mood to talk, I either let it go to voicemail or let the call drop – I call when I am ready to talk.

Many of us do the same with God, when he calls us (that tug to pray, praise, read his word), we ignore because we are not in the mood (don’t feel like it at that moment) or are “busy” – we then read/praise/pray minutes/hours/days later when we are ready.

Our friendship with God  should be different.

Why? Because God is not MAN

There is a reason couples are advised to be friends first – it’s because friendship makes a relationship fruitful, sweet, enjoyable. Therefore, if I say I am married to God and have a relationship with him, it is ESSENTIAL, I cultivate godly friendship habits with my CREATOR!

A relationship without TRUE friendship can be tiresome, burdensome, and lackluster.

My prayer this morning is that the HOLY SPIRIT will teach me and us all how to cultivate a TRUE LOVING friendship with him – the way HE designed friendship and wants us to befriend him.

God thank you for another day to learn at your feet and opportunity to develop a better friendship habit with you.

Have a blessed day






  1. Shin H says:

    When you write that a relationship without true friendship can be tiresome and burdensome, that really resonated with me. It made me think of the relationships I have in my life and the onew that feel “tiresome” and I realize it’s because there is a lack if true friendship there. It also made me reflect on whether or not my relationship with Our Father is a true friendship. Great post.


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