20 Questions with Shayo O.

Our 4th guest is Shayo O.  

Shayo in 3 words: Fun-loving; Extrovert introvert; Traveler

Thanks Shayo for letting us in through your lens.

A. Describe yourself in 4 words? Caring, punctual, sensitive, and fun.

  1. I love God because He first loved me.
  1. Favorite encounter with God. This past year, when i got to experience him working in my life. I was sure that what i waned and prayed for was what was best for me; however  God showed out and exceeded my expectations.
  1. Favorite female Christian/gospel artist?  Tasha Cobbs Leonard
  1. Favorite male Christian/gospel artist? Chris Tomlin
  1. Favorite bible scripture when you are down? Jeremiah  29:11; Isaiah 41:10
  1. Favorite song that lifts your spirit? Literally anything on 89.3 or songs by elevation worship
  1. Favorite bible scripture? Numbers 6:24-26 and Psalms 139 13-14
  1. To me, God stands for …………(acronym- your choice)  – Great On-time Deliverer
  1. Favorite female in the bible? Ruth
  1. Favorite male in the bible? Moses or Joseph
  1. Favorite thing about Jesus? That He gave his life for me and my sins
  1. Favorite thing about God? His ever constant grace.
  1. I pray because It works and connects me to God.
  1. Favorite parable? The prodigal son
  1. I would rather/prefer –  sing praise songs; fast; sing worship songs; pray; all of the above 
  1. On that last day, I want Jesus to say He is proud of me
  1. If I could do one thing for Jesus, it would be Share Him with everyone I know and meet
  1. What does LOVE mean to you? To me, Love means dying to self, forgiving, being patient and not keeping score.
  1. A testimony/story that makes you marvel overtime about God – Bringing me out of a toxic relationship I thought was my destiny to bringing me into a relationship where He is truly the center and I feel his presence and I can hear him clearly
  1. I can’t live without? God or having a relationship without Him.

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