20 Questions with Toyosi A.

Toyosi’s transparent testimony is prove that God’s plans for us are good and not evil. Therefore, we should never accept anything that is not life or Godly! So grateful that God pulled you out of the jaws of the enemy. Her favorite thing about Jesus and God is that he loves. Thanks Toyosi for letting us in through your lens.

A. Describe yourself in 4 words? Child of God, hopeful, peculiar, determined

1. I love God because He loved me first and  has been my rock and strong defense

2. Favorite encounter with God When I saw Jesus Christ as a child in a dream and he spoke and walked with me

3. Favorite female Christian/gospel artist? I don’t have one

4. Favorite male Christian/gospel artist? I don’t have a favorite but I enjoy listening to William McDowell, Theophilus Sunday, and Maverick City

5. Favorite bible scripture when you are down? Isaiah 41:10  – Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

6. Favorite song that lifts your spirit?  Be Magnified by Don Meon; Jireh & Man of your word by Maverick City

7. Favorite bible scripture? There are plenty but Colossian 1:13 is one of my favorite 

8. To me, God stands for …………(acronym- your choice) Love, Father, Savior, Hope, Joy and Peace 

9. Favorite female in the bible? Mary Magdalene

10. Favorite male in the bible? Asides from Jesus, Peter

11. Favorite thing about Jesus? He loves me

12. Favorite thing about God? He loves me

13. I pray because I love him and want to know him more

14. Favorite parable? Parable of the sower; Matthew 13

15. I would rather/prefer 

a. sing praise songs; 

b. fast; 

c. sing worship songs; 

d. praying; 

e. all of the above

16. On that last day, I want Jesus to say Welcome my good and faithful servant, my daughter and the apple of my eyes

17. If I could do one thing for Jesus, it would be Win souls to the kingdom

18. What does LOVE mean to you? My reference of Love stems from the father and Jesus; that a father would give up his son for me, and the son would lay down his life so I can be saved. The Lord constantly prompts me to walk in love. Love can be expressed when we are filled with Jesus; It is being more like him

19. A testimony/story that makes you marvel every time about God – There was a period of time when I was tormented by demonic spirits daily, when sleep was impossible and fear was constant. God managed to pull me out of that and to be a living testimony encouraging others at the same time standing in the gap for them.

20. I can’t live without? God’s Love and Mercy

Have a blessed day


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