Happy Friday!

Today is a day of joy and gratitude for my family. God, I thank you for your love and kindness!

I heard this song, Omeka Nnaya by Mercy Chinwo yesterday and had to share because it’s going to be on re-play for me. I was personally struck and convicted by these lyrics –

“Man may not understand

How far you have brought me

Man may not understand”

Because I am often guilty of not understanding how far God has brought me sometimes. I question God’s timing for me when things are not happening as fast as I would like. But this song and my word for today (Psalms 119:11 – Your word have I hidden in my heart, that I may sin against you) reminds me that I should always PRAISE the God of EVERYTHING because I was created for his GLORY and not for my wants, needs, or desires!

“..Onye di nso, (Holy One )
the doer of all good things
Onye di nso, (Holy One)
inhe ikwuru ga eme (Whatever U say comes to pass)
Onye di nso, (Holy One)
The only precious lamb of God
Onye di nso, (Holy One)
Obata obiye (When His involved things change)
I can’t imagine what I would be without you, go without you,live without you..
I can’t imagine what I will be without you
Where I would go without, I can’t live without You…”

Oluwa mi

Onye di nso

Thank you for the testimonIES today.


Have a blessed weekend


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