Fashion Craze: One shoulder button up shirt

Happy Friyay!!

Today’s fashion craze is the One shoulder button up shirt

Not really sure what the appropriate fashion term is, but everyone seems to be on this bandwagon. Over the past two months, fashionistas have gotten quite creative with this trend. So creative, that you can literally turn a plain old shirt into an art of work – case example


A plain shirt doubles as a skirt; strapless blouse; off shoulder; and even a one shoulder.

I like the versatility one shirt offers – Kudos to whom ever thought this up!

No need to buy the styles separately – just need one good shirt.

Images from Vogue and a fashion trend

Some of my favorite styles of this fashion craze include:

Dress 1 (Rachel Comey) & Dress 2 (Self Portrait) – Images are from Nordstrom

Top 1 (J.O.A ); Top 2 (Leith); Top 3 (Oscar de la Renta); Top 4 (Lush); Top 5 (Petersyn); Top 6 (Leith) – Images are from Nordstrom and Bloomingdales

What you think about this fashion craze? Share your thoughts

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