Happy New Month of April

I pray this April will bring you all progressive blessings that those others around you will, wonder how is your prosperity possible.

I use “is” because the blessings will be continuous they can’t ask “was” in Christ Jesus…AMEN!!!

Today’s song of my day is Make Room by Jonathan McReynolds.

I share this song, because it is the declaration of my heart –

I find space for what I treasure
And I make time for what I want
I choose my priorities
And Jesus, You’re my number one

I will make room for you
I will prepare for two
So you don’t feel that you
Can’t live here, please live in me

I am humbled by the lyrics of this song BUT also pained that I don’t reciprocate the LOVE my heavenly deserves every moment!

Why do we treasure earthly accolades and accomplishments more than you?

Why do we make time to ask you for our wants but not your wants?

Why do we prioritize ourselves over you?

My prayer today: Father, make our hearts to burden after you – because we REFUSE to be separated from you (Isaiah 59:2)




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