What I Ate Friday

Happy Friday!!

Reflecting back on the months of December (2016) and January (2017), I have not been consistent with eating clean. I have been eating bad empty carbs (bagels, pizza) and processed foods (animal crackers, peanut butter pretzels).

So as we are about to begin a new month (March), I’ve decided to rein things in A LOT. I say a lot because I need to start exercising more frequently (my goal – 5 days/wk).

Since I made my mind up today, I’m doing a recap of what I ate today.

I didn’t have breakfast..

My lunch consisted of leftover Chinese broccoli (~1 cup) + 1 large mango + 1 clementine + 1 cup of coconut water.

Afterwards, I had 1.5 larabars ( 1/2 of coconut cream pie & 1 lemon bar)

Because I was headed out and won’t be back in time for dinner (I don’t eat after 7 pm), I had my dinner which was a salad (kale, spinach, arugula, shredded carrots, homemade turkey meatballs, homemade carrot chili vinaigrette and hemp seeds).

P.s – Mango and broccoli not pictured here. I had only one of the clementines.

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